Transway Basketball Club

   Excellence in basketball, since 1979

Excellence in basketball, since 1979


The TRANSWAY BASKETBALL CLUB is a non-profit organization that is widely recognized as one of the finest in the country.  Founded by Doug Harrison in 1979, Transway teams have gone onto to win a total of 100 Provincial Championships in the last 38 years, over 300 tournaments and producing many top high school, university and national players. In addition to that, Transway has the most wins for any basketball club in Ontario.

This past 2017-2018 season, coach Lisa Ciancone led her Junior team to Transway's 100th provincial championship. Lisa was also a player on the very first Transway team to win a provincial championship - in 1981!

100th championship for the Transway club - 3-peat provincial champions, Transway Junior Girls!

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